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Product Name:

 SlideShow Ultra Gold Screen Saver                    Click here to download this program onto your computer!

System Requirements:

 Windows 95-98-NT-2000-ME-XP-2003-VISTA-Windows7
Who uses this program:  Savvy users who want to use their creativity to effortlessly
 design a multimedia slideshow style presentation or screen saver.

Current Version:   6.0.11

"It's amazing how fast I was able to put together a slideshow! And the results were very professional!"
Gary Elkins - WI
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Click here to download this program onto your computer!
Package your custom slideshow presentations so other
users can view them with the SlideShow Ultra Gold
add on, SlideShow Ultra Gold Packager!

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Use your own pictures and sound files!
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Simple And Custom SlideShow Styles
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Create using over 100 digital video effects!
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Very easy to use user interface
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Presentation mode (wait for mouse click!)
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Design your own personal screen saver!
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Special interests groups (mountains, waterfalls)
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Great for quick office presentations
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Impress you family with your project
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Perfect for the multimedia class room
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Fast smooth video effects
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Supports unlimited projects

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Slide shows from your favorite images is easy with SlideShow Ultra Gold! Try the new multimedia, slide show, presentation, screen saver software for yourself with a free demo and see how easy it is to create stunning slide shows in no time at all. Download your copy today! Add pictures from all the popular formats. (jpg, gif, bmp, etc.) Plus you can add movie files (avi ,mpg), include your favorite sound clips and music (wav, mid, rmi, mp3, CD Audio), add cool transitions and effects, text and more! It's fun and very easy to work with. Do something different with your pictures!

Program Add-Ons For SlideShow Ultra Gold!

SlideShow Ultra Gold Packager


Picture Packs

Now you can package your SlideShow Ultra Gold Custom Slideshows so other users can view them! For more information about the SlideShow Ultra Gold Packager, Click Here! Picture Packs are ready made custom slide shows that install directly into SlideShow Ultra Gold! There are now over 20 picture packs available! Themes include sports, scenic sights, animals, Christmas and more! For more information, Click Here!
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