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Product Name:

Presentation Publisher V3.0                                 Click here to download this program onto your computer!

System Requirements:

Windows 95-98-NT-2000-ME-XP-2003-VISTA-Windows7
Who uses this program: People who want to create great looking Stand-Alone Presentations
and Screen Savers that can be distributed to friends, family 
and business associates.

"I created a screen saver of my company's products and sent it to all our clients.  They loved it!"

Tim Sandberg - Dayton, OH

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ball1.gif (177 bytes) Create Stand-Alone Presentations and Screen Savers!
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Use your own pictures and sound files!
ball1.gif (177 bytes)  JPG, GIF, BMP, WMF, TIF, DIB
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Add Sound Files to your presentation (MP3, WAV)
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Add Music to your presentation (MID files)
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Add Movies to your presentation (AVI, MPG)
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Add HOTLINKS to your presentation 
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Use any of over 100 digital video effects!
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Each presentation can handle over 32000 pictures!
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Very easy to use user interface
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Presentation mode (wait for mouse click!)
ball1.gif (177 bytes) Generate a single compressed .EXE file.

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Presentation Publisher is the choice for users who want to create stand alone presentations, screen savers and HTML WEB Internet Presentations.  These presentations can be viewed on any PC compatible computer running Windows. Presentation Publisher allows you to design stunning multimedia presentations that include over 100 digital video effects and wipes. Easily add sound and music to your presentations. If you choose to publish your presentation, Presentation Publisher turns your presentation into a single EXE file that you can send to other users via email, ftp, floppy disk or CD-ROM, for them to view and listen! (Presentation Publisher does not have to be installed on the other users system in order for them to view a presentation that you create!)

Common Uses of Presentation Publisher

  • Create professional looking business presentations and EMAIL them to your business associates.
  • Create a slide show using pictures of your family and friends.  Publish it as a screen saver and send it to all your family members.
  • Publish your presentation to a CD and send it to someone for them to view.
  • Publish your presentation as a HTML WEB Presentation and put it on your web page so people who visit your web site can view it right on their browser.
  • Create a screen saver out of your favorite downloaded pictures, movies and songs.  EMAIL it to all your friends or let them download if off your web site.
  • Create a professional looking presentation displaying your business products.  Put the presentation on CD or EMAIL it to your clients for them to view.

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