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Product Name:

 SlideShow Ultra Gold Custom SlideShow Packager                  Click here to download this program onto your computer!

System Requirements:

 Windows 95-98-NT-2000-ME-XP-2003-VISTA-Windows7
Who uses this program:  Registered users of SlideShow Ultra Gold who want to package their custom
slide shows so others users can view them!

Now you can package your custom SlideShow Ultra Gold 
slideshows so other users can view them!

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Click here to download this program onto your computer!

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Package custom slideshows so others users can
download and view them on their computer!

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Package as a list of files or into a .zip file!

ball1.gif (177 bytes) To view your CUSTOM SlideShows,
anyone can just download the free player here!

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Only $19.95

Slide Show Ultra Gold has been the leading screen saver / presentation tool for 1000's of users on the internet. With the SlideShow Ultra Gold Custom SlideShow Packager you can now take your created custom slideshows, package them into a list of files or a compressed .zip file, and send them to your friends, business contacts, etc for them to view. All they will need to do is download and install the FREE SlideShow Player.

Note: The packaged SlideShow will run as a full screen presentation that the user can run at any time.  It will NOT Run as a Windows screen saver.  In order to use the packager, you must register it and also be a registered user of SlideShow ULTRA.