Some user comments about our SlideShow product...

Hello, I would like to let you know that your slide show program ULTRA is just that! IT is GREAT! Just what I needed for my LARGE SLIDE SHOW at my tavern! Again, thanks for such a great program.
Lorrel S. - Seattle, WA

We're doing two separate banquet slide shows with it, each running over 300, 800x600 images. Everyone is quite impressed with the presentations and we look like gods (You made it all too easy, it's a well thought out program. I should know, I've been doing computer graphics & animation since 1985!).

Lou H. - Tampa, FL

I just registered Slideshow ULTRA GOLD and began using it. It is a truly wonderful program and I am very pleased with it! I plan to use it to create slide shows for my students. They will love it! Thanks for creating such a fine product!
Harold B. - Houston, TX

Thank you for sending me the 32-bit Slide Show Ultra. I realize you're probably very busy, so I'll be brief. I do a great deal of work with presentations, photography, etc., and am also a Senior Systems Analyst. It's as simple as this: Slide Show was the best package I have ever seen, and believe me I have not only seen many, I have also tried writing one or two of my own. Slide Show Ultra GOLD, is even better than that. I Congratulate you and your team on a superb job. Please keep me informed of any new developments. Your software was reasonably priced and well worth it. Please don't change it.
Chaz - Boston, Mass

I just came across your slideshow screensaver and it looks fantastic - I worked for Berkeley System as the lead for After Dark 3.0 and I was very disappointed on how their Slideshow module came out - it certainly was lacking in effects - yours seems PACKED with very cool stuff! Great!
Paul G. - Dallas, Texas

Congratulations! SlideShow is a smashing success! Beautiful! Great work! I'm just an unassuming grandfather, and now, thanx to you I can organize my granddaughter's pictures in a gorgeous slideshow album, and show them in any order I choose. WITH subtitles of my choice!! As she would say, "wuuoooouuw".
Kyle H. - Twin Falls, Idaho

Thank you and keep up with the great products.
Pat W. - New York, New York

I have to tell you, that slideshow program was "EXACTLY" what I had been looking for. I had it in mind even before I tried it. You must have been peeking in my window and saw what I had been trying to do?I had a class reunion the very next day, and had just converted to Win95, so my old viewer/slideshow program was not working. Also, the whole thing did not look very good. With your slideshow program, the folks at the reunion stood around the computer all evening, just to watch the old photos exhibited in the very nice way your program did it. I could not have asked for a more appropriate program, and I wish to thank you very very much.
Greg M. - Imperial, California

SlideShow ULTRA GOLD looks great.. . Keep up the good work..
Dick L. - Boston, Mass.

Thanks for the quick answer. I love the new product like you don't believe. It has the interface that not only makes it exciting, but easy to use. If I had known that this had been available earlier, I would have jumped right on it. Thanks again for the great product and great support.
Kevin B. - Bowling Green. Ohio

Thanks. It is a great little program!
Ron M. - Green Bay, Wisconsin

Hey, great product (SlideShow)!!!
Larry E. - Davenport, Iowa

I downloaded your SlideShow from the internet. It is a great program. I would like to register as soon as possible to obtain the full functions.
Steve B. - Redding, California

I received your Email and Code, thanks, it worked great. Thanks for the quick response on the code. I am glad to give you the $20 for this program. It is well worth it. I will keep my eye out for future releases. Thanks again,
Bill A. - Ontario, Canada

Itīs a great program I was looking for a long time and finally found it in the internet. How or were can I register SlideShow in Germany?
Lutz G. - Berlin, Germany

I received the code and will call the c/c info just as soon as I complete this. I did get the version off your web page and I like the program a great deal. I've been searching for something like this.
Ken P. - Chatanooga, Tennessee

Thanks much for the registration code. I just plugged it in and it works great. I guess today will be a scan-fest. The quality with SlideShow is excellent!
Bob F. - Seattle, Washington

I received your e-mail with the registration code for Slide Show, Thanks! I entered the code and the program works great. I really like it and like I said before I've been looking for a screen saver program like this. Also, thanks for the info concerning the latest edition of Slide Show. I will download that one for sure! Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Ann B. - Los Angeles, CA

I got the registration number, entered et al, and everything is GREAT! The program is exactly what I've been looking for...and then some. :)
Pat M. - Quebec, Canada d

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