CMB Software FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Are all the programs included on the ULTRA CD already registered? Yes, all you pay is the price of the CD and all 33 of the programs come FULLY REGISTERED.  You can install and run all of them and you do not have to pay another penny. ULTRA CD Order Page

How do I register a program?

You can register online 24/hours a day by clicking HERE! Or you can call our order line TOLL FREE at 800-964-9223 during business hours. Or send an email to

How do I download one of the CMB Software programs?
To download the latest release of any of our programs, simply go to our PRODUCTS PAGE and click on the next to the program you want to download. Your browser should ask you where on your hard disk you want to store the file. Just store it in a directory where you will remember where it is at so you can find it when you want to install it. If you would like detailed instructions on how to download and install our software please click here.

I lost my registration code.  How can I retrieve it? Click Here to search for your registration code and download link.
How do I UNZIP a downloaded file?
To speed up downloads, our programs are compressed in "ZIP" format. You will need any UNZIP program to uncompress them. The best way to UNZIP a file is to get the shareware program 1 CLICK UNZIP! program from HERE!. It will allow you to easily UNZIP and install all your programs.

How do I install a program on my computer?
To start the install process, you need to run the SETUP.EXE file which is compressed inside the ZIP file that you download. The best way to access this file is to use 1 CLICK UNZIP. (See above).... You can run the SETUP.EXE file right from inside 1 CLICK UNZIP without ever having to UNZIP all the files!

How do I uninstall a program?
You may use the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS icon located in the Windows control panel to uninstall any of our Windows 95/98/NT software.

Where is the configuration screen and how do I enter my registration code?
To enter your code into one of our Screen Savers, Click on START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, DISPLAY, SCREEN SAVERS.

Select the Screen Saver from the list of available Windows screen savers on your computer (NOTE: Our photographic screen saver modules i.e.: cats, pups, birds... will all show up as "SCREEN SCENES V2"). Click on the SETTINGS button to bring up the Screen Scenes configuration screen. Enter your code into the registration box.

What if I loose my registration code and I need to reinstall?
Just send an email to and include your name, program name, and the last 5 digits of the credit card that was used. We will verify you and re-issue you the code.

Will SlideShow allow me to create Stand alone Screen Savers?
No, SlideShow and ALL the Screen Scenes modules will allow you to display all your pictures and sounds that you have, but they will not create stand alone screen savers which you can sell or give away. Our PRESENTATION PUBLISHER program WILL let you make a stand alone SlideShow presentation (EXE file) that you can EMAIL or put on a floppy or CD-ROM and it will play on ANY Windows computer. However, it is not a screen saver. It will make a stand alone SlideShow presentation that you want someone else to play on their computer.

What do I do if I am having a problem with a program? You should send an email to: Please give a detailed description of the problem along with any error messages that you see. We will respond promptly to your email.

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