How to download and install software!

Almost all software on the Internet is compressed so it can be downloaded quicker. These files will end with the extension ".ZIP". Your computer cannot automatically read this format. It needs a "program" to read this format. We have a program called 1 Click Unzip that allows you to easily work with these .ZIP files, including the automatic installation of programs distributed in .ZIP file format. Click here to learn more information about 1 Click Unzip!

Downloading Software

Downloading: The act of transferring a file from one computer to another over a network or internet!

First, make a folder called "My Zips" on the root of your hard disk. This folder should act as a temporary holding place for any .ZIP files that you download from the internet. This way they are organized in 1 folder for easy access. Never download anything into your Windows folder! After you log off the internet you'll appreciate the fact that your downloaded files are easily grouped into 1 folder.

When you click on a file to download it, most browsers will ask you what you want to do with it. Should you "Open" it with another program or "Save" it to disk. Always select "Save" to disk when available. Then you will be asked "where" you want to place this file. (See there is a reason for the "My Zips" folder!) You should tell the browser (IE or Netscape) to place the file into your "My Zips" folder we talked about earlier.

Sometimes the download process can take a VERY long time. Sometimes it's a quick process. Depending on the time of day and the speed of your connection expect the average download to take anywhere from 10 minutes or so up to 30 minutes or more. This is NORMAL! Do not disconnect from the internet while the downloading is taking place. You can minimize the download screen and continue to surf the web or do other tasks on your computer. You do not have to sit still and stare at the screen until the download is done.

Ok...the download is what?

After you have downloaded the file onto your computer now what do you do? The next step is to UNZIP the data and run the setup.exe program located "inside" the zip file.

"The file I downloaded has an extension of .EXE". If you downloaded a file that was not a ZIP file then that means you can run it right away! This is even better!! But most programs you download from the internet will be in ZIP format.

So now you have to run 1 Click Unzip! and tell it to OPEN the zip file that you downloaded. This program is very easy to use and has good start up information included with it so we won't get into details how to use this program here.

Quick and easy steps:

1) Make a folder called "My Zips" on the root of your hard disk.
2) Download 1 Click Unzip! and install it on your computer.
3) Download a file from this site. (Just click on the download button)
4) "Save it" to your "My Zips" folder.
5) Run 1 Click Unzip! and extract the files with the INSTALL APP option on!

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