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A+ Web Show Maker                        Click here to download this program onto your computer!

System Requirements:

Windows 95-98-NT-2000-ME-XP-2003-VISTA-Windows7
Who uses this program: Users with pictures, sound files, Web Space!
Introducing... A+ Web Show Maker 

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A+ Web Show Maker is the premier tool to create intuitive, interactive slideshows for viewing in your web browser. Using images, sounds, music files from your computer, you'll be able to create stunning web presentations with no knowledge of HTML programming. With a single click of a button your presentation will be ready for viewing on your computer or over the internet on your website.

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Publish to a folder on your system!

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Publish to any web site!

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Several publishing styles to choose from!

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Create auto playing slide shows!

ball1.gif (177 bytes) No HTML programming required!

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Preview your presentation before publishing!

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Add links, captions, etc.

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Create optional title and ending pages.

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Get a web show up and running in minutes!

ball1.gif (177 bytes) Advanced users will appreciate the ability to append header and footer files on each published image page.

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A+ Web Show Maker allows you to produce stunning interactive slideshow style web presentations that can be viewed from any internet browser. No knowledge of web page design or HTML programming is required. A+ Web Show Maker is a tool that allows you to take your existing .GIF, .JPG and BMP images and transform them into an interactive slide show that you can publish on your web site for the world to see. A+ Web Show Maker automatically handles the complex process of linking your images and pages together. From family pictures to slide shows for your business website, A+ Web Show Maker is the ideal choice to get your images on the internet!

   Would you like to see A+ Web Show Maker in action?

Demo 1 Standard Slide Show
Demo 2 Framed Index With Thumbnail Links 
Demo 3 Multi Picture Index Using Thumbnails

More demos coming soon!

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