CMB Software Affiliate Program

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Sign up today to be a CMB Software Affiliate!  It's totally FREE and you can make money by just placing a link on your Web Page!!  You will not find an easier way to make money on the Internet!

CMB Software is a leading developer of Windows programs available on the internet.   Our sales are soaring and you can be a part of it.  All you have to do is put our link on your web page.  Then when someone clicks on that link, you will receive 20% of the gross sale that they make in our online store.  It could not be easier!

Here is exactly how it works:

1) You fill out our sign up form. (It's totally free!)
2) We immediately assign you an affiliate number and provide you with the HTML link to place on your web page.
3) You paste the HTML code into your web page.
4) Your users click on the link.  This will place a cookie on their browser with YOUR affiliate number in it.  Now whenever they buy anything from the CMB Software web site, our order system will see your affiliate number and give you 20% of the GROSS amount of the sale!!

5) We send you a check in the mail quarterly!!

Please read the operating agreement.

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